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Provol Positioned as Flexible and Innovative Packaging Solution Provider at Propak China 2021

Category:Industry Market Publication Time:2021-06-26 Author:Provol Page view:

ProPak China 2021 once again came to a success. With the presence of the state-of-the-art F-series (flexible) packaging machine, Provol welcomed a number of professional visitors.

Provol  showcased mainly the F Series - Flexible Packaging Machine. Thanks to the modular design, the F series machine can realize fast and convenient changeover.  F-series machine is applicable for different pouch types and sizes, as well as wide range of filling weight, which enables that the production capacity of one single F-series machine is equivalent to 3 or more general packaging machines. The F-series has also high performance in terms of speed and stability. 

Provol also provides one-stop customized packaging solutions for customers in a long-term run , including creative pouch design, specific packaging machine and production plan, aiming to help our clients increase the market recognition and competence of packed products and quick response to the change market.