Packaging Solution

Customized industry solutions

Our equipments serve a wide range of the industries, and our team have full experience to design the personalized packaging solutions for different industries.
According to different material characteristics and packaging requirements, we will get together all of the best technological innovation to meet the packaging personalized customization for different products.

  • More Fresh Product

    Following gas flush function

    When the product has the requirements of the gas content in the packaging bags, our equipments can perform the functions as vacuuming and nitrogen flush. Especially for the products which are highly sensitive to the oxygen such as milk powder, the residual oxygen can be reduced to 4%-7% by means of vacuuming and nitrogen filling, that ensures the freshness and hygiene of the product, and bringing more added value to the product.

  • More Stable Production

    Zipper opening device

    The zipper opening assembly can highly improve the success rate of bag opening if the zipper lock is on the top of the bags, the success rate of bag opening can reach much higher than 99.5%.

  • More Accurate Weighing

    More Accurate Weighing

    The F-series machines are improved with automatic online weighing modules to ensure high-precision production filling, and control the accurate filling errors when the equipments run with high-speed.

Application Industry

Application Industry

Application Industry