Innovative packaging

Every packaging idea
should not be wasted.

Every inspiration from the design team
is an excellent opportunity to win a differentiated market.

Provol has been fully prepared for the implementation of products since the beginning of packaging creation,
cooperated with professional design teams, matched first-class packaging equipment,
and provided complete solutions to meet the needs.

  • Pouch Shape

    For the final market performance of the product, differentiated designs are made in combination with functions,
    including but not limited to stand-up pouches, eight-side sealing pouches, various special-shaped bags and so on.

  • Pattern

    Comprehend target market information, work closely with the user's creative department to provide a more expressive graphic design solution.

  • Function

    We focus on the use convenience for end users,
    and consider how to realize the function reconstruction of packaging containers.

  • Material

    Match the most suitable packaging material to ensure the packaging quality and production feasibility,
    while greatly focus on sustainable environmental benefits.

  • Packaging Product Portfolio

    We always think about how the products
    get from the factory to the customers.

    Whether it is bag package, box package or personalized customization design of the secondary packaging lines,
    we combine the need of customers and cost saving at the same time to ensure product differentiation,
    enhance the product performance, and catch consumers' attention to make product stand out from other products crowd.

    Product Consultation

    If you have more detailed requirements, you can fill in the form and we will contact you in time.

    Product Consultation

    If you have more detailed requirements, you can fill in the form and we will contact you in time.

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