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We are redefining passion and creativity from our every day's work.

As an innovation-driven enterprise, we hope that every member of Provol can use their creativity and enthusiasm to bring positive influence to the partners around them and make breakthrough innovations together with the team.
Each Provol colleague plays a critical role in the development of the company. We respect each other and share the value orientation of the company.

  • "I grow up by working with great people"
    -- Experience in succession

    Nichole decided to join Provol right after graduation. She feels so lucky that she quickly found her goal here.

    "I feel like I'm doing a cool job in a cool company."
    Nichole is a young accountant who has the ACCA certification. With her professional knowledge,she works with the excellent R&D team. Afterwards she started to get involved in some complex projects, which is quite a challenge for a newcomer who has just graduated.
    However, she gradually realized that no one would be stingy with their professional knowledge and experience when comes to a problem. That made her rapidly improve in her position.

  • "Open platform makes me see more possibilities"
    -- Suitable training

    Andy, who has worked here for 8 years, was an electrical engineer when he first came to the company. Last year, with his rich experience and talented communication skills, he was rearranged to the Marketing Department.

    As he went deeper into the marketing business, he turned to be an experienced senior project manager, and his efforts infect everyone in the company continuously.
    "My supervisor's patient guidance led me to the right direction, my colleagues' unreserved experience sharing enabled me to grow rapidly, and the company's support enabled me to have no worries at any time and from any starting point."

  • "How big the world is depends on your vision."
    -- Vision expansion

    The innovative energy of employees comes from their continuously expanding horizons.

    Thanks to company's group visit to the Chicago EXPO, Yammy's took her first journey abroad.
    "I didn't expect to get the opportunity to study abroad so soon before I joined the company. My supervisor encouraged me to visit this exhibition. By attending this event, I've learned the innovative ideas of international advanced technology, which inspires me to think further."
    During this trip, Yammy not only gained more abundant ideas, but also had more motivation to improve herself. She hopes to have more opportunities to participate in international projects in the future.