Flexible Packaging Machine


Large Wide Format Range, Best Choice

  • Larger format range - from min bag width as 165mm to max bag width as 430mm. , and the max bag height can be up to 1 meter.
  • Online nitrogen flush to keep the product freshness and flexbile vitality, whichi is suitabel for different SKU quick changeover.
  • Flexible pouch packaging machine, also known as pouch packaging machine, is used to pack various types of products into flexible pouches or pouches. These machines are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries to package various items.
  • Provol's automatic bag fill and seal machines can handle virtually all bag types and sizes including stand up pouches, flat pouches, zipper pouches, spout pouches, retort pouches, 3-side seal pouches, 4-side seal pouches, gusseted pouches, Pillow bags, multi-compartment bags, powder bags, liquid bags and more
  • Provol offers a variety of flexible pouch packaging systems. The F-Series packaging machines are designed according to Provol hygienic design standards. The transmission part of the machine is highly sealed, and the exposed mechanical components have no hygienic dead ends, and the gas pipe wiring is hidden in the structure, which is easy to clean.


  • Quick changeover, less downtime.
  • Get production data at a glance
  • Stable operation for a long time
  • Food grade hygiene standards
  • Multiple inspections ensure product quality
  • Flexible space due to functional integration
Quick changeover

Quick changeover, less downtime.

Smaller floor space, more reserved workstations. The multi-station follows the blanking to increase the blanking time, which greatly increases the overall space efficiency.

Easy to operate

Get production data at a glance

Multiple detection feedback functions such as bag loading, bag loading height and coding detection can more accurately monitor the OEE efficiency of the overall machine, and display it on the HMI in real time. The HMI adopts a new UI design concept, which can support multi-users browsing, display statistical production data and machine operating status.

Production Efficiency

Stable operation for a long time

Full servo drive control, each axis movement is started on demand, which greatly reduces the power consumption when the machine is running.
The touch screen will display the running status in real time, and monitor the energy consumption such as voltage, current, air pressure flow and so on, that will achieve the precise control.

Health and Safety

Food grade hygiene standards

The F series packaging machine is designed according to Provol hygienic design standard. High sealing feature of the machine driving part, no hygienic dead corner for the exposed mechanical assemblies, and the air tube wiring is hidden into the structure, that is easy to clean.
For some parts that need to be removed to clean and replace such as the teflon cloth of sealing jaws, conveyor belt, etc., which are quickly cleaned and no tools needed.

Product quality

Multiple inspections ensure product quality

The online weighing module, bag loading detection, bag height detection, coding detection and other sets of detection will accurately monitor OEE of the whole machine in real time, and display the data on HMI, which accurately control product quality.

Space usage

Flexible space due to functional integration

Rotary cycle chain structure, using rotating space for filling the products.


  • Granular

  • Liquid

  • Powdery

  • Mixed


  • 全伺服供袋技术


  • 上袋质量在线检测


  • 打码功能匹配


  • 全自动调整


  • 底部震袋

    伺服震袋功能, 通过对包装底部进行震动,使得充填过程更加流畅,充填后物料更均匀。

  • Industries

  • 上袋质量在线检测


  • 卫生级设计


  • 计量装置


  • 灌装方式


  • 高洁净灌装喷头


  • Industries

  • 全伺服供袋技术


  • 真空过滤系统


  • 拉链打开及闭合功能


  • 密封式灌装


  • Industries

  • Bag height detection

    The level and height of the packaging bag can be detected online, so that the quality and appearance of the final product can be more guaranteed.

  • Zipper opening and closing module

    High speed zipper opening device is an optional and realize high-speed packaging even for zippered bags.

  • Hopper tool-less adjustment

    The quick connection technology of the funnel makes the funnel replacement faster and easier.

  • 底部震袋


  • Detailed parameters

    • Filling Materials
      Solid, Fluid, Solid+Fluid, Powder
    • Min. Pouch Size(Width x Height x Bottom)(mm)
      170 x 300 x (25 x 2)
    • Max. Pouch Size(Width x Height x Bottom)(mm)
      430 x 1,000 x (75 x 2)
    • Speed Range(pouch/min.)
      10-45(Actual speed depends on the properties of specific filling materials.)
    • Voltage
    • Frequency(Hertz)
    • Power
    • Air Consumption(m³/min)
    • Noise Index
    • Machine Dimension(L x W x H)(mm)
      5,304 x 2,132 x 3,000
    • Machine Max Dimension(L x W x H)(mm)
      5,304 x 4,4950 x 3,800

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