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Provol Provided Packaging Solution Successfully to the New Production Line of Totole, a Nestle Group Subsidiary in China

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Bag Type Upgrade, Better Performance

 To well manufacture doybag with corner spout and fill up to 100bags/min.

Unlike previous bag types, Totole requires the use of a doybag with a corner spout, which poses new challenges to the technology and output requirements. In order to meet the customer's demands, Provol packaging machines have been further developed and upgraded. The new and improved machine incorporates more stringent heat-sealing technology, an expanded double-station capping module, and an innovative 8-station continuous follow-up filling system, which enables it to achieve a production rate of 100 bags per minute. The machine maintains high-quality packaging standards while significantly increasing production capacity by four timesThe machine's outstanding production speed and stable performance, coupled with the professional technical support provided by Provol technical and service team, have garnered customer recognition and satisfaction.

Faster, More Stable, More Flexible

 High Overall Equipment Effectiveness

As the market share of Totole's new products has grown, and stricter standards have been imposed on packaging quality, Provol's high-speed and flexible form-fill-seal packaging machine FF-210-C8 has emerged as the optimal choice due to its exceptional performance.

- Automatic film splicing technology, which incorporates a double film roll design in the film unwinding process, an ultrasonic sensor, and a fast I/O input color code to achieve precise non-stop automatic film splicing. This ensures that the machine no longer stops for film splicing when there is no film, thereby increasing overall production efficiency by 5%.  

- Continuous follow-up filling, which removes the speed limit on filling and allows for four times longer filling time compared to traditional packaging machines. This improvement leads to faster and more efficient production processes.

- Recipe design for quick changeover, which enables different SKU to change by setting up recipes on the HMI of the machine. The changeover parts are readily visible, and changeover time is recorded in real time, allowing for continuous optimization of production changeover efficiency.

- Flexible expandability, which can be achieved through independent module drive and standardized interface design. This feature enables the conversion from a form-fill-seal packaging machine to a pre-made bag packaging machine and facilitates the rapid expansion of various bag types, leading to increased production flexibility.

Trust comes from quality

Understand the needs of customers, and provide the best solution for customers. 

In order to bring a better experience to Totole, Provol technical team has strict control and precise requirements for the project, and delivered convincing results to customers during the first test. While meeting the performance, the driving part of the whole machine also has high sealing performance, the filling module is isolated from other modules, and is equipped with quick assembly tooling for collecting and discharging materials, which is convenient for cleaning. The exposed mechanical mechanism has no hygienic dead angle design, which reduces the burden of machine cleaning and maintenance, thereby prolonging the service life of the equipment. At the same time, Provol after-sales technical team provides customers with one-stop services from installation and commissioning to after-sales maintenance, and its professional service capabilities provide customers with a strong guarantee.

For Provol, the cooperation with Totole again is a new challenge. In-depth research, development and adjustments have been made in terms of technology, process and equipment. The strict requirements of the product quality and consumer experience from Totole are fully understood by Provol team. As a leading global provider of packaging solutions, Provol continuously meet the different needs of customers in products, brand image, and the market by providing custom design packaging solutions, and support customers to enhance their competitiveness, and create more value.